I'm Crazy, but you can call me Amy =]



Me testing out what I can do on my skates lol

My derby wifey having a skate around the cyclo park :)


How long have you been skating?

Since January 2014

How did you find out about roller derby?

Through Boot’em Khamun (one of the KRG girls) who kept asking me to try for a couple of years! I wish I had done it much sooner!

Do you have any skating role models?

Kamikaze Kitten is super awesome. I have a derby crush on Estro Jen as well.

Had you taken part in any sports before joining Kent Roller Girls?

No. Not since school I think. Probably about 9 years since I played any real sports.

What is your best memory with Kent Roller Girls so far?

I remember how nervous I was on my first day, and everyone was so nice and supportive. People started adding me on facebook straight away and I already felt like part of the team. Thanks guys!!

What is your favourite skill or drill?

Everything. I learn something new each week, and as soon as I have mastered it and can do it, I feel a real sense on accomplishment.

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was actually getting on a pair of skates and giving it a go. I wish I had listened three years ago when I was asked to give it ago but I’m so glad that I’ve joined the rec league because now I never want to take me skates off!

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Thank you to all you lovely ladies who have welcomed me into this sport. You really have given me something positive to focus on and I can’t wait to see you all every Sunday! And to anyone else who is reading this and considering taking up roller derby…DO IT. At least give it one try. It’s not for everybody, but most people won’t know it’s for them until they give it a try!
Interested in roller derby? Get in touch with us! Message us on Facebook or email our recruitment team at recruitment@kentrollergirls.com and come to one of our sessions! You can’t go wrong for a fiver!

That’s me! Haha

Cheeky bit of purple in my hair #cheeky #purple #blonde #girl #woman #lady #hair #hairstyle #hairdye #pastel

Cheeky bit of purple in my hair #cheeky #purple #blonde #girl #woman #lady #hair #hairstyle #hairdye #pastel

I look like I’m wearing a cape.

I look like I’m wearing a cape.

I bloody miss you Dad. I’m just glad that sometimes I know you’re still with me. I’ll always do right by you. I’m lucky to have a dad and an angel as amazing as you

I bloody miss you Dad. I’m just glad that sometimes I know you’re still with me. I’ll always do right by you. I’m lucky to have a dad and an angel as amazing as you




Kent Roller Girls are skating a marathon!

On the 25th of May, skaters from Kent Roller Girls will be taking on a marathon in skates! We’re raising money for Catching Lives, a day centre for the homeless in Canterbury, by heading down to South Coast Roll at Goodwood and skating eleven laps of the 2.4 mile motor racing track!

This will be a real personal challenge for some of our skaters, especially some of the recreational league skaters who are taking this on with only a few months skating experience, but it’s for a good cause, and we’d like to ask you for your support!

Select your skater!

Please take a few minutes to check out our JustGiving team page and donate to your favourite skater to help us raise money for the homeless in Canterbury! Any amount you can spare will be appreciated, whether it’s £1 or £10. We’d love to meet our group target, and it’d be excellent if we could pass it!

Read more about Catching Lives here

Find out more about the South Coast Roll here

Special thanks to Andrew Sims, Rhinoa’s Photography, Russell Stainer, Peter Worth and Rebecca Cornford for taking fantastic photographs and consistently making us look awesome!

Help us raise moneys for the homeless!


I know I already posted this once today, but I wanted to ask you guys if you’d do me a huge favour and share this for me! If not because you want to help the homeless, then do it because I worked super hard on it! (we all know you’ll do it for the homeless, though!)


I’m raising money for the homeless by SKATING A BLOODY MARATHON. I’ve only been on skates for 3 months and this is next month so it’s a big deal for me. Would love you guys to at least take a look at this link and sponsor one of team (or me).

Ps. Soo excited for this!!!!